Our Styles

Finding your Pawfect Style

Here at SmarteDog we pride ourselves on both our grooming skills, and our ability to translate your vision to your pups perfect style!  Whether youre out in the mud alot and want a short low maintenance style, or you're thinking of getting into the show ring, we can find a style for you! 

We will always have a pre-groom talk with you about what style you'd like for your pooch, assess the condition of their coat, and identify any issues we might have, and how we can overcome them, to ensure you leave happy! We will always consult you if for any reason we need to alter a groom, and we will NEVER clip short without your consent,so you can rest assured you wont return to any unwelcome suprises! 

Don't be afraid of trying something new, and we welcome you to bring pictures to help us give your pup the perfect cut!

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